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Break free from the Drinking Thinking.
It's not you, it's the alcohol.

About Me
Karen King Coaching with her dogs
This Naked Mind Certified Coach

hey beautiful,

I'm Karen King.

I am a former finance executive CPA and daily drinker. I began drinking in my mid-40s to cope with life after a series of traumatic events. I was widowed at age 40 and left raising two daughters, had rebounded into a very difficult marriage, and had my third daughter at 43, only to become a single mother again shortly after. I re-entered the corporate world to provide for my children. My drinking progressed as I rose to Corporate Finance Exec and then onto the Board of Directors. I used alcohol to socialize, network at events, and simply relax at the end of a stressful day. Alcohol was my reward until it slowly became my nightmare. I found myself awake at night wondering, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I control this anymore?” I wanted help but didn’t know where to go. I tried the traditional 12-step program but that didn’t feel right. I didn’t identify with the label “alcoholic”— and how could I, a strong successful woman, be powerless over alcohol? After five years of cycling between trying to moderate and trying to quit, I felt desperate, alone, and defeated. I felt like a failure, and that wasn’t my norm. One night after a busy, stressful day— doing the usual routine of mindlessly drinking vodka, stuffing myself with cookies, watching reality TV, and scrolling Instagram— I turned to my now husband and said, “I’ve got to stop drinking, or I’m not going to be here anymore.” This was my rock bottom. I wasn’t in jail or passed out at the bar. I hadn’t lost my job, my home, or my family. But I knew deep down inside that something needed to change. I found my answer in This Naked Mind, a science-backed methodology that promotes self-compassion over shame, and curiosity over judgment. I worked with a certified This Naked Mind coach where I became free from alcohol without willpower or feeling deprived. I can now say “I drink as much as I want, whenever I want. I just don’t want any.” As a professional certified This Naked Mind coach using this same methodology, I would love to help you achieve the success and freedom that I have. This is my passion. This is my mission.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You manage everything well, except drinking.

  • You're terrified that you won't be able to have fun or network without alcohol.

  • You're tired of waking up each day saying, "Today is my final Day 1."

  • You're sick of going to bed each night saying, "I'll start tomorrow."

  • Your fitness goals seem impossible to achieve. 

  • You keep wondering what's wrong with you and feel alone in the problem.

  • You don't identify with the label of "alcoholic".

  • You want the right solution but are skeptical if anything actually works.

Question mark line art

You're not alone. I felt the same way.

Grabbing a drink to relax after a long day of work, family, and responsibilities? You feel conflicted because you didn't want to drink today, but it's the only thing getting you through the day. Why does this keep happening?

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