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Karen King Coaching alcohol recovery coach

I help professional women break free from emotional dependence on alcohol with compassion and the latest science.

Grabbing a drink to relax after a long day of work, family, and responsibilities? You feel conflicted because you didn't want to drink today, but it's the only thing getting you through the day. Why does this keep happening?

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You are NOT powerless over Alcohol.
Let's reclaim your Power!

Hey Beautiful!

I would love to help you break free from alcohol with no shame, no judgment, and no failure.

Karen King Coaching one-on-one coaching program



I would love to help you break free

from alcohol.

Tired of waking up each day saying

"Today is my final Day 1". 

Sick of going to bed each night frustrated saying "I'll start tomorrow."

Let’s get you out of this cycle of dependence and back to loving life and feeling free again.

I'm so happy you found me!

I'm Karen.

I’m a former finance executive CPA and daily drinker. After a series of traumatic events in my 40’s, alcohol became my “go-to” to manage life. Starting as a  stay-at-home mom raising three daughters alone and rising in the corporate world to the pinnacle of a Board of Directors position, alcohol was my reward until it slowly became my nightmare. After 4 years of searching and feeling desperate for an answer, I found the solution that worked for me; a proven scientifically-based solution that utilizes self-compassion over shame and curiosity over judgment; all without willpower. 

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Karen has the uncanny ability to meet you just where you are. She is so easy to talk to, so reassuring, and so thoughtful in her approach. She’s not here to judge. She’s here to help.


Karen is a wonderful support system. She brings a true and unique compassion. She cares and understands because she’s been right where I am!


From her, I learned that it’s really not ME, it’s alcohol. I learned that alcohol and past actions don’t define me; there’s no need to feel shame, remorse, or regret; I need to choose self-compassion and curiosity to help me get where I want to be.


If you’re a high-achieving, professional woman who feels alone but is ready to take the next steps in your journey – no matter how long you’ve been trying – Karen can help.

 L.Z.   Chicago, IL    Attorney

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